Labeling Solutions for Advanced and Cost-Efficient Label Applications

Paragon Labeling offers high performance labeling solutions to streamline the labeling process and reduce labor costs, while also providing a strong return on investment. Set your production team at the forefront of technology by integrating next generation monitoring, control, and RFID technology.

What are labeling solutions?

Labeling solutions are used to fulfill standard labeling requirements in a variety of industries. Labeling solutions include both print and apply labelers and apply-only machines. Print and apply labelers print and then immediately apply the labels, while apply-only machines apply pre-printed labels. 

Labels can be configured and applied in a variety of ways, depending on the application. Corner wrap, for example, is when a single label is applied to adjacent panels. This makes it well-suited for labeling outer cases and pallets. A swing tamp applicator, on the other hand, can be used to label the front, side, or both the front and side panel simultaneously, and can accommodate a wide range of label sizes. 

At Paragon Labeling, our labeling solutions can be configured for multiple label applications, giving users more options in what they label. Our modular and flexible design allows you to reconfigure your labeling system as your needs evolve without needing to buy a whole new system. 

Labeling solutions by industry

Clearly marked packaging is critical to branding, efficient shipping, and more. Our labeling solutions integrate next generation monitoring, control, and RFID technology, making them well-suited to meet the unique and often stringent demands of various industries:

  • Medical/Pharmacy – The healthcare industry has unique requirements for safety, material and label size. Labeling solutions can help these companies improve efficiencies without sacrificing quality or safety.
  • Manufacturing – Manufacturing companies are under enormous pressure to do more with less while complying with lean manufacturing requirements. Labeling solutions can print crisp, clean labels on products, secondary packaging, master cartons, shipping cases and even create license plates for pallets and totes.  
  • Retail – Product labels are the first thing a customer sees. Labeling solutions can quickly and neatly apply customizable labels to a variety of product sizes.
  • Food and Beverage – Food and beverage companies are required by law to include certain information on their products. A labeling solution can print crisp, clean labels used to deliver SKU data, nutritional information, safe handling instructions, Country Of Origin Labeling (COOL), lot codes, expiration dates, Track & Trace as well as PTI compliance labels for a variety of products and packaging. 
  • Consumer Goods – Quality and safety are critical concerns for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers, which are also challenged with the need for flexibility in packaging for promotions, sales, and updated marketing programs. Automatic labeling solutions can apply a wide array of preprinted

Paragon Labeling’s labeling solutions

With more standard features than similar products in the market, our labeling solutions can streamline the labeling process and reduce labor costs while also providing a strong return on investment. A full line of field interchangeable application modules allows users to label in virtually any orientation and adjust to the changing needs of the business. 

Our labeling solutions apply crisp,clear labels faster and more accurately than manual labeling, reducing costly errors. Print engines from top brands like Zebra and Sato keep our machines running smoothly with minimal downtime; the ZE500, for example, is designed for high speed, high throughput environments and “simplified serviceability”. 

PLS-100 for Preprinted Labels

The PLS-100 is designed to apply a wide array of pre-printed labels and can be configured to label nearly any shape and style of product, from the nutritional data of food packaging to the unique requirements of healthcare. Its versatility comes from its compatibility with various applicator modules, including wipe (merge), tamp, dual panel tamp, corner wrap, smart-tamp, and more. This gives users the benefits of a customized labeling solution for the price of a standard solution.

This sturdy labeling machine has a plate aluminum build and fully enclosed chassis to keep out dust and debris. A PLC controller and remote mount interface makes it convenient to operate. 

Featured PLS 100 Benefits

  • PLC Controller
  • Backlit Operator Interface
  • Full Range of Application Methods
  • Reduced labor costs, and marked ROI
  • Faster and More Accurate Label Applying
  • Flexible Coding Options Available

PLS-400 Plus: Print and Apply Labels

The PLS-400 can be configured as either a preprinted label applicator or print and apply labeling system and has a full line of field interchangeable application modules for labeling in almost any orientation. The labeling solution’s modular design allows you to reconfigure your labeling system as your needs evolve, without needing to buy a whole new system. This has made it a popular choice for industries looking to streamline their labeling process and reduce labor cost while still achieving a high return on investment.

Similar to the PLS-100, the PLS-400 has a plate aluminum design with PLC controller and remote mount interface. This system also features a peel-tip label gap sensor coupled with a highly accurate stepper drive to ensure precise label placement every time.

PLS-400 Plus Benefits

  • Streamlines labeling processes
  • Barcode and/or RFID Capabilities
  • Reduces labor cost, while providing a high ROI
  • Modular Design can grow and adjust with your business
  • Color Touch Screen Interface
  • Plate Aluminum Design
  • Operator selectable product delays for accurate label placement
  • Peel-Tip label gap sensing

PLS-500: Print & Apply Pre-Printed Labels and RFID Solutions

Whether you need to apply pre-printed labels, utilize print and apply labeling, or need a RFID solution, the PLS-500 series of products can meet your most demanding needs. This labeling solution boasts more standard features and higher performance than similar products, providing its users with greater reliability and ROI. Interchangeable application modules and a flexible design gives users unparalleled configuration choices and the ability to adapt to your company’s changing needs. 

The PLS-500 has the most advanced standard features on the market. Based on an Allen Bradley PLC with a color touch screen interface, this labeling solution has error logging and built-in diagnostic tools for easy operation. Durable plate aluminum construction and a fully enclosed chassis protects the print engine and keeps out debris, while swing-away applicator mounts make it simple for operators to clean and load. 

PLS-500 Features

  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Color Touch Screen
  • Real Time Production Data
  • Label Format Recall
  • On Screen Troubleshooting

Superior Modularity

  • Entry Level and Full Feature Print & Apply
  • Decorative Labeling
  • RFID Labeling
  • Completely Integrated System

Interested in faster and more efficient labeling? Contact us for more information about Paragon Labeling’s labeling solutions.