Effective Retail Label Application Starts With a Paragon Labeling System

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Labeling Systems for Consumer Packaged Goods

Quality and safety are critical concerns for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers. They are constantly trying to improve efficiencies without sacrificing quality or consumer safety, while also streamlining production, processing, and delivery. In addition, CPG manufacturers continually need flexibility in packaging for promotions, sales, and updated marketing programs.

As a long-time partner of CPG companies, Paragon Labeling understands the unique needs of this industry and offers cost-effective labeling solutions that can grow and adapt with your business.

Flexible label application for secondary packaging

Paragon Labeling Systems has teamed up with a wide variety of CPG companies to provide best-in-class automatic labeling solutions. Our high performance labeling machines are designed to apply a wide array of preprinted labels and can be configured to label nearly any shape and style of product. A full line of field interchangeable applications allows you to label in almost any orientation, giving you the flexibility you need to meet customer mandates on specific label applications.

Once your product is packaged, our print and apply systems print crisp, clean labels that are then applied to a variety of secondary product packaging such as cases, totes, and pallets used to deliver bulk product to the retail outlets.

A labeling machine that grows with you

Our labeling machines’ flexible design means you can easily reconfigure your system as your needs evolve — without buying a whole new system. These feature-rich systems offer more standard features than similar products on the market, giving you a custom solution at a lower cost.

Paragon Labeling Systems prides itself on the degree of reliability and modularity that each machine provides, while assuring a lower cost of ownership and a strong return on investment.

Our experienced team members can help you find a labeling system that supports your company’s growth and is adaptable to current and future challenges. Learn more about labeling solutions for CPG manufacturers by requesting information below.

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