Paragon Label Machines are better for your business

Paragon Labeling offers a wide range of high-performance, preconfigured integrated labeling solutions for many standard labeling requirements. We have created systems with modular and flexible designs that allow for the accurate placement of decorative labels onto a wide array of products.

Our team has the depth and experience needed to build equipment that can meet the unique needs of your industry. Our labeling solutions can help you meet lean manufacturing requirements, print crisp labels for food and beverage, track design label changes for retail products, and more.

Regardless of industry, your automated labeling machine will be designed to improve speed and throughput while reducing occurrences of human error common with manual processes. Each one is simple to use and tough enough to withstand rugged conditions

Label Applications

Our automated labeling machines are compatible with a number of applicator modules. This makes them well-suited for a wide number of use cases.

  • Wrap labeling of round products
  • Front and back product labeling
  • Top and bottom labeling
  • Horizontal wrap labeling of round products
  • Flat carton labelers
  • Sleeve / flat chipboard container labelers

Automated Labeling Machines

Our integrated labeling solutions are feature-rich, robust systems that provide end-users with the benefits of a customized solution for the price of a standard solution. 

Semi-Automatic Tamp Label Applicator

The semi-automatic tamp label applicator is a high-quality and reliable tabletop labeling solution. This stepper-driven machine is pressure sensitive and capable of labeling irregular product shapes that are presented in different orientations. It is also conducive to high-speed automation in most applications. 

This labeling solution’s small footprint and low price point make it a good choice for small to mid-sized companies that may not have the volume to justify a fully automated system. 

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PLS 500: Print & Apply Pre-Printed Labels and RFID Solutions

The PLS 500 is the ultimate label application solution, dedicated to maximizing organizations’ productivity with superior quality and integration. 

This labeling solution offers more standard features, higher performance, and better cost-effectiveness for an overall greater ROI than other automatic labeling machines on the market. This machine allows you to reconfigure your labeling system as your needs evolve without needing to buy a whole new system. The PLS 500 can also label in virtually any orientation, meaning it can be used in almost every industry.

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PLS 400 Plus: Print and Apply Labels

The PLS 400 Plus is a premier print and apply labeling solution, featuring a full line of field interchangeable application modules. This robust and user-friendly labeling machine has a modular design that can grow and adjust with your business and industry. It features a sturdy build and barcode and/or RFID capabilities. 

The PLS 400 Plus’ flexible design and many features have made it a popular labeling solution for companies looking to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their labeling.

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PLS 100 for Pre-Printed Labels

The PLS 100 is the premier decorative labeling solution for applying pre-printed labels onto products, cartons, cases, totes, or pallets. This robust system features a plate aluminum chassis, PLC controller, and remote mount interface for ease of use. 

Its peel-tip label gap sensor coupled with a highly accurate stepper drive ensures precise label placement every time. 

Enjoy a full range of application methods and faster, more accurate labeling for reduced labor costs and marked ROI.

This automatic labeling machine is sturdily built with a plate aluminum chassis. It’s Allen Bradley PLC controller and remote mount interface make it easy to operate.

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