Clamshell Labeling Machine

Clamshell packaging is commonly used to store food products like baked goods and fresh fruit. The labels on these clamshells are subject to increasingly stringent food labeling requirements, which can be costly and time-consuming for manufacturers.

Our clamshell labeling machines allow users to quickly and efficiently apply labels to clamshell packaging, helping companies prevent errors and improve supply chain efficiencies. These crisp, clear labels are smoothly applied to ensure text, barcodes, and branding are easy to read.

Clamshell Labeling Machines

The shape of clamshell packaging can make labels difficult to place properly, leading to crinkled or improperly placed labels that create headaches for manufacturers and consumers. Our clamshell labeling machines are faster and more efficient than manual processes and can apply the label properly every time. 

At Paragon Labeling, we understand the unique labeling requirements for clamshells. Our labeling machines have a modular design and can be configured for various label applications and placements. 

  • PLS 100 – The premier decorative labeling solution for applying pre-printed labels onto clamshell packaging and other products. 
  • PLS 400 Plus – A premier print and apply labeling solution with barcode and/or RFID capabilities that can grow and adjust with your business and industry.
  • PLS 500 – The ultimate label application solution for maximizing organizational productivity through superior quality and integration.

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