Corner Wrap Label Application

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The corner wrap applicator is the ideal labeling solution when a single label needs to be applied to adjacent panels. It efficiently applies labels without sacrificing quality.

Corner wrap label applications are great for labeling outer cases and pallets, making it well-suited for a number of industries. This label applicator can be used for printing crisp, clear labels to identify and brand your products on the manufacturing floor, including pallets used to deliver bulk products to retail outlets.

All of our integrated labeling solutions can be configured for the corner wrap application. These labeling solutions offer more standard features than similar products in the market, providing end-users with the benefits of a customized solution for the price of a standard solution. 

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Paragon Corner Wrap applicator

Whether you need a leading panel and adjacent side panel labeling, or a side panel/trailing panel label, Paragon Labeling Systems has a solution to meet your needs. 

This highly accurate applicator is available on all Paragon models and operates as follows:

  • As your case or pallet travels on a conveyor, a product detect sensor “sees” the product
  • Once a product is detected, a label is dispensed to a 90 degree vacuum grid where it waits for the oncoming product to make contact
  • The product runs into the applicator, applying the label to the front edge
  • As the product continues to move, the applicator rolls around the corner, adhering the remaining label to side of the product
  • A secondary roller system rolls over the entire label, ensuring a complete application

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