Effective Retail Label Application Starts With a Paragon Labeling System

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Label Application Machines for the Manufacturing Floor

Manufacturing companies are under enormous pressure to do more with less while complying with  lean manufacturing requirements. They are constantly trying to improve efficiencies without sacrificing the quality, processing, or delivery of their products.

Paragon Labeling Systems understands these challenges and has a variety of labeling solutions that can improve supply chain efficiencies. Our high performance labeling machines are easy to operate and have a rugged design built to withstand the tough conditions on the manufacturing floor.

Customized labeling at a standard price

Our labeling solutions have a flexible design that allows you to reconfigure your system as your needs evolve, without needing to buy a whole new system. These machines have more standard features than similar products on the market, giving you the price of a custom solution at a lower cost. Our feature-rich systems have a full line of field interchangeable applications for labeling in almost any orientation.  

Each labeling machine has a plate aluminum construction and fully enclosed chassis to keep out dirt and debris from the manufacturing floor. These easy-to-use machines provide faster and more accurate label application for reduced labor costs, freeing up your employees’ time for more productive tasks. 

  • Our automatic labeling machines apply a wide array of preprinted labels used to identify and brand your products.
  • We also design and build print and apply labeling systems designed to print crisp, clean labels and apply them on your products, secondary packaging, master cartons, shipping cases and even create license plates for your pallets and totes.  

Our team of experts takes the time to get to know your unique manufacturing processes and will customize a solution that makes sense for your organization. Paragon Labeling Systems prides itself on the reliability and modularity of our products, the low cost of ownership, and the strong return on investment that our products provide.

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