Shampoo Bottle Labeling Machines

Labels on retail items like shampoo bottles convey important information about the product and grab consumers’ attention with branding. 

With a bottle labeling machine from Paragon Labeling, you can smoothly apply a crisp, clean label to each of your bottles, ensuring that text, barcodes, and branding are easy to read. These labeling machines can be configured to label various bottled retail products, including hair and body care bottles of different sizes.

Paragon Labeling Shampoo Bottle Labeling Machines

Our robust, high-performing label applicator machines offer a modular and flexible design with access to a full line of field interchangeable application modules, including tamp, tamp-blow, wipe, corner wrap, dual action tamp, and air-assisted roll on. 

These high-performance labeling machines are faster and more efficient than manual processes and can help prevent costly errors. Enjoy a strong return on investment by streamlining your labeling process and freeing up your employees for other work. 

The experts at Paragon Labeling can help you find the label applicator machine best suited to your business and bottle labeling applications.

  • PLS 100 – The premier decorative labeling solution for applying pre-printed labels onto shampoo bottles and other retail products. 
  • PLS 400 Plus – A premier print and apply labeling solution with barcode and/or RFID capabilities that can grow and adjust with your business and industry.
  • PLS 500 – The ultimate label application solution maximizing productivity with superior quality and integration.

Contact our labeling experts to learn more about our labeling machines or to request a personalized demo.