PLS-100 for Pre-printed Labels

Commitment. Cost-effective. Quality.

At Paragon Labeling Systems, we are committed to providing our customers with effective and cost-efficient solutions to fulfill their label application needs. Paragon’s PLS-100 is the premier decorative labeling solution for applying pre-printed labels onto products, cartons, cases, totes, or pallets. With more standard features than similar products in the market, the PLS-100 provides end-users with the benefits of a customized solution for the price of a standard solution.

The PLS-100 is compatible with many applicator modules, including wipe (merge), tamp, dual panel tamp, corner wrap, smart-tamp, and more. This makes it suitable for use in several industries. The PLS-100 can print crisp, clear labels to identify and brand your products on the manufacturing floor, including pallets to deliver bulk products to retail outlets

This labeling solution is also designed to apply a wide array of pre-printed labels and can be configured to label nearly any shape and style of product, including consumer goods. Labels can be used to deliver nutritional data, Country of Origin Labeling (COOL), expiration dates, and other important information for food and beverage packaging or customized to fit the unique requirements for safety, material, and label size in the healthcare industry.

This feature-rich and robust system delivers an unparalleled value proposition with many notable benefits: 

  • PLC Controller
  • Backlit Operator Interface
  • Full Range of Application Methods
  • Reduced labor costs, and marked ROI
  • Faster and More Accurate Label Applying
  • Flexible Coding Options Available

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