Case Labeler & Box Labeling Machines

Companies have to comply with many labeling requirements on the manufacturing floor. These rules ensure cases and boxes can be processed, shipped, and tracked efficiently, but this only works if the labeling is done properly. Many manufacturers rely on outdated labeling technology that prints illegible labels or places them incorrectly, creating costly errors. Charge-backs and other problems with shipping and handling can quickly add up and hurt a company’s bottom line. High-performance box labeling machines can be used to print and quickly apply crisp, clear labels to cases and boxes at a low cost, helping companies prevent errors and improve supply chain efficiencies.

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Benefits of Case Labelers and Box Labeling Machines

Paragon Labeling Systems prides itself on the reliability and modularity of our labeling machines, the low cost of ownership, and the strong return on investment they provide.

Each of our labeling machines has a user-friendly interface and robust build to withstand the harsh conditions of the manufacturing floor. A full line of field interchangeable application modules allows you to configure your labels for several applications and customize your machine to your manufacturing processes.

Labels are applied quickly and accurately, helping you improve efficiencies and lower costs. 

Paragon Labeling Machines for Cases and Boxes

  • PLS 100 – The premier decorative labeling solution for applying pre-printed labels onto products, cartons, cases, totes, or pallets. 
  • PLS 400 Plus – A premier print and apply labeling solution with barcode and/or RFID capabilities that can grow and adjust with your business and industry.
  • PLS 500 – The ultimate label application solution maximizes organizations’ productivity with superior quality and integration.

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<h2>Case Labeling FAQs</h2>

<h3>What is a case label?</h3>

Cases are considered individual logistics units, so they need a Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) that “acts as a license plate to track a shipment of logistics units through the supply chain.”

<h3>Case labeling best practices</h3>

Like pallet labels, case labels should be made of a hardy material that can withstand the harsh environments a case may experience as it moves through the supply chain. Labels should also be crisp with clear printing so employees and scanners can easily read and process the information accurately. Labels should be applied smoothly onto the case or box, without wrinkles, so scanners can easily read the printed information. According to, each case should have at least one barcode, but adding another on the adjacent side is recommended so it can be easily scanned if turned sideways in a truck or warehouse rack.