Can Labeling Machines

Our line of can labeling machines offers a modular and flexible design, allowing you to scale up to fulfill your changing labeling requirements.

Paragon Labeling’s can labeling machines have a full line of field interchangeable application modules. This allows you to configure your labels for several label placements and customize your machine for your specific use case.

These durable label applicators can quickly and efficiently apply labels to your cans, reducing human error and freeing up employee time.

<h2>Can Label Applicators</h2>

Paragon Labeling’s automatic labeling machines can be configured for various label applications and placements, making them well-suited for various industries. Our labeling experts can help you find the can labeling machine that will work best for your business.

  • PLS 100 – The premier decorative labeling solution for applying pre-printed labels onto cans.
  • PLS 400 Plus – A premier print and apply labeling solution with barcode and/or RFID capabilities that can grow and adjust with your business and industry.
  • PLS 500 – The ultimate label application solution maximizes productivity with superior quality and integration.

Contact our labeling experts to learn more about our machines or request a personalized demo.

Can Labeling FAQs

How much does a can labeling machine cost?

The cost of a can labeling machine will depend on the specific machine and its capabilities. Paragon Labeling’s can labeling machines offer customized labeling at a standard price, with a low cost of ownership and a strong return on investment. Contact us today to get a quote.