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Whether you’re labeling a case, pallet, tote, or individual product, the placement of the label is key. A good label can convey eye-catching branding or important data needed to streamline shipping and handling — but it needs to be placed in the right spot. Label placement may also be dictated by customer or industry compliance standards.

Paragon Labeling’s integrated labeling solutions can be configured to smoothly apply crisp, clean labels in a variety of placements, including:

  • Bottom
  • Front and back
  • Top 
  • Top and bottom 
  • Corner wrap

Our labeling machines work faster and more efficiently than manual methods, helping you reduce errors and costs while freeing up valuable manpower. We have a solution for almost every type of item shape and label placement. 

We pride ourselves on offering products with a flexible and modular design. This allows you to scale up to fulfill your changing labeling requirements.

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A bottom labeling machine is often used to add variable data like expiration dates, lot codes, or shipping information to the bottom of individual products or secondary packaging. 

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Front and Back

This type of label placement is commonly used in a variety of industries. Everything from pharmaceuticals to food packaging and common household products can potentially use a front and back label as an informational panel and/or decorative branding. 

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Whether you want to add a decorative label to the top of retail products or label secondary packaging with variable data like lot codes or shipping information, the top labeler is well-equipped for the job. 

Top and Bottom

A top and bottom labeler can quickly and efficiently apply a crisp, clean label to either the top or bottom of a product or package. The flexible labeling placement this machine offers makes it a popular labeling solution in a wide range of industries.

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Corner Wrap

A corner wrap label applicator works for leading panel and adjacent side panel labeling or side panel/trailing panel labeling. It is most commonly used to brand and identify products on the manufacturing floor, including pallets used to deliver bulk products.

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