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Labeling Solutions for Your Application

Set your production team at the forefront of technology by integrating next-generation monitoring, control, and RFID technology. These are the essential Automatic Labeling solutions your industry demands.

Apply labels faster and more accurately

No matter what your application calls for, Paragon has the depth of experience to get the job done. From the simple application, of a label to the side of a box, to complex applications involving multiple panels or complete wraps, Paragon can build the equipment to apply labels to your products, boxes, totes, or pallets.

Our apply only and print and apply labeling machines are compatible with a number of interchangeable application modules — including corner wrap, dual tamp, roll on, wipe, and more — giving you the ability to scale up and adapt as your labeling needs change. These systems apply labels more quickly and consistently than manual processes, reducing errors and freeing your employees to do more productive work.

Label Applications

Find Labeling Solutions for Your Industry

Requirements around the size, shape, and placement of your label — as well as the information on the label itself — can vary widely depending on your industry. Whether you’re applying complex nutrition labels to food packaging or need a product-specific label size for medical equipment, Paragon Labeling has you covered. 

Apply labels faster and more accurately

Our labeling machines’ modular and flexible design allows us to configure each system to meet your specific business and compliance needs. Once the machine has been configured, operator selectable product delays ensure accurate label placement to help streamline the labeling process and reduce labor cost. And with more standard features than similar products on the market, you can expect a strong return on your investment. 

Learn how Paragon Labels Fit Into Your Industry

Paragon Labeling System Configurations

For efficient and accurate labeling, take advantage of our three integrated labeling solutions; apply only, print and apply, and tabletop.

These labeling machines improve efficiency and accuracy by neatly applying crisp, clean labels to your products, cases, pallets, or totes. This prevents costly errors and frees up manpower for other tasks. 

Our apply only and print and apply labeling machines are compatible with a number of interchangeable application modules. These adaptable labeling solutions can be configured to meet the needs of a wide range of industries, from individual retail products to pallets on the manufacturing floor. Their modular design also gives you the flexibility to scale up and adapt as your labeling needs change, without investing in an entirely new system. 

For small to mid-sized companies that may not have the volume to justify a fully automated system, our tabletop tamp applicator may be a solution. The semi-automatic design of this labeling machine makes it a smaller and more cost-effective option in most applications.

Label Placement Locations

Paragon Labeling’s integrated labeling solutions can be configured to smoothly apply crisp, clean labels in a variety of locations. Whether you’re labeling a case, pallet, tote, or individual product, we have a solution for almost every type of item shape and labeling use case

Place labels specifically where you need them

A crinkled or misplaced label can create costly supply chain issues, violate compliance standards, and upset customers. Our labeling machines reduce the risk of errors and allow you to speed up the labeling process without sacrificing accuracy.

Learn how Paragon Labels Provides Placement Flexibility

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