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Air Assisted Roll-on

If you need the flexibility of a wipe application along with the accuracy of a tamp applicator, our Air Assisted Roll-On module is designed for you. The Air Assisted roll-on allows users to apply long, narrow labels like those used on reams of paper or many types of soft goods. This application provides consistent label placement and can accommodate both flat or slightly irregular products. The Air Assisted Roll-On module is available on all Paragon models and operates as follows:

  • A label is dispensed onto vacuum grid with hinge or breakpoint
  • The product is detected
  • The air cylinder engages, causing the hinge point to move forward
  • The first edge of the label is adhered to the product
  • As the substrate continues past applicator, the rest of the label is rolled onto the substrate
  • The air cylinder retracts, and the next label is dispensed onto the pad

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