Shrink-Sleeve Labeling Machines

Shrink sleeves are an increasingly popular labeling option used on beverage bottles, food containers, personal care products, and more.

With a shrink-sleeve labeling machine from Paragon Labeling, you can quickly and efficiently apply a shrink-sleeve label to various products. Our labeling solutions have a flexible and modular design with a full line of field interchangeable application modules, allowing you to scale up and shift as needed — without investing in a completely new labeling machine. 

We’re proud to provide a strong return on investment with robust, high-performance labeling machines that can streamline the shrink-sleeve labeling process. 

Automatic Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machines

We carry several different labeling machines at Paragon Labeling capable of shrink-sleeve labeling. Our labeling experts can help you find the labeling solution that will work best for your business and use case(s).

  • PLS 100 – The premier decorative labeling solution for applying pre-printed labels onto products. 
  • PLS 400 Plus – A premier print and apply labeling solution with barcode and/or RFID capabilities that can grow and adjust with your business and industry.
  • PLS 500 – The ultimate label application solution maximizes productivity with superior quality and integration.

Contact our labeling experts to learn more about our labeling machines or to request a personalized demo.