Dual Action Tamp Label Application

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The Dual Action Tamp (DAT) module is designed to allow for greater flexibility in labeling your cases and pallets. It can be configured for a single side, single leading/trailing or both side and adjacent leading/trailing panel labeling. The DAT module accommodates a wide range of label sizes.

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Paragon Dual Action Tamp applicator

This applicator module has both a swing tamp and a separate straight tamp actuator and operates as follows:

  • The operator selects single side panel, single leading/trailing panel, or two panel operation.
  • A label is dispensed onto the applicator pad
  • The product is detected.
  • If selected, the leading panel actuator engages, causing the pad to move into the path of the moving product.
  • The pad presses the entire label against the product.
  • The actuator retracts allowing the product to continue past the applicator.
  • The second label is dispensed onto the pad.
  • As the product moves past, the side tamp actuator (if selected) is engaged causing the tamp application module to move forward to apply to the side of the product.
  • The “Smart Tamp” logic detects when the side application is made forcing the actuator to the home position, and keeping your product safe from damage.

The Dual Action Tamp label applicator is available on PLS-500 models. The PLS-500 is a feature-rich system with plate aluminum chassis, Allen Bradley PLC controller, and remote mount interface with a color touch screen. It has the ability to be configured as a decorative label applicator, print and apply machine, and RFID labeling system. Its integration abilities allow you to label in almost any orientation for powerful performance and unparalleled value.

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