Labeling Machine Configurations

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Paragon Labeling offers labeling machines in three configurations: apply only, print and apply, and table top.

These integrated labeling solutions improve efficiency and accuracy by neatly applying crisp, clean labels to your products, cases, pallets, or totes. This prevents costly errors and frees up manpower for other tasks.

Additionally, Paragon Labeling’s print and apply and apply only labelers are compatible with a number of interchangeable application modules, including wipe (merge), tamp, corner wrap, roll-on, and tamp-blow. This allows you to scale up and adapt as your labeling needs change.

The labeling configuration that works best for you will depend on your industry and use case. Contact our labeling experts for additional guidance.

Apply Only Labeling Machines

Apply-only labeling solutions are high-volume labeling machines that can hold and apply large rolls of labels. These Prime labels are pre-printed with images and/or data on a separate press.

Because the information on the pre-printed label is non-variable, apply-only labelers work best for creative branding and other decorative labeling applications. This makes them an excellent choice for labeling individual retail products or adding decorative labels to food products and drinks.

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Print and Apply Labeling Machines

Print and apply labeling solutions use blank labels that are printed with variable, real-time information such as lot codes and other shipping information. These labeling machines can quickly print the complete label and then smoothly apply it to your item in a variety of placements, including front and back, top and bottom, horizontal wrap, flat carton, and wrap labeling.

The ability to add variable data and flexibility with labeling placement makes our print and apply labelers a popular solution for quickly and accurately labeling secondary packaging like pallets or totes. Companies in manufacturing, consumer goods, food and beverage, and healthcare have all found success with print and apply labelers.

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Table Top Labeling Machines

Table top labeling solutions are small, stepper-driven labeling machines that use a tamp/tamp-blow application method. Once the product is placed into a product fixture, the foot pedal triggers the tamp to make contact with the product and then reverses the vacuum, blowing the label on to the product. This ensures the label is firmly placed every time, even if the product is irregularly shaped or not presented in the same manner.

The table top labeler’s lower price point and smaller footprint makes it well-suited for small to mid-sized companies that may not have the volume to justify a fully automated system.

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