Apply Only Labeling Solutions

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Apply-only labeling machines are used to efficiently and accurately apply pre-printed labels. 

​​At Paragon Labeling, our apply-only machines often use Prime labels, which are used for creative branding on individual products. This type of label does not contain variable information and all of the images and data on these labels are pre-printed on a press. Apply-only labeling machines are massive and can hold and apply large rolls of labels to product, allowing for seamless, consecutive label application. 

Apply-only labeling solutions are an excellent choice for decorative labeling use cases, such as individual retail products and decorative food packaging. 

Flexible and Scalable Labeling Machines

All of Paragon Labeling’s integrated labeling solutions can be configured as pre-printed, apply only label applicators. They are compatible with a number of interchangeable application modules, including wipe (merge), tamp, corner wrap, roll-on, and tamp-blow.

Our products’ flexible and modular design allow you to scale up to fulfill your changing labeling requirements.

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