Effective Retail Label Application Starts With a Paragon Labeling System

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Effective Retail Label Application Starts With a Paragon Labeling System

Your product label is the first thing the customer sees.  Be sure to make a great first impression with automatically applied product case, and pallet labels.

Faster, more efficient labeling for all retail applications

Paragon Labeling’s automatic labeling solutions apply labels more consistently and accurately than hand labeling. These high-performance machines have the speed and throughput necessary to keep up with even the most demanding retail applications. 

Our labeling solutions apply a wide array of preprinted labels that are customizable to fit your unique requirements. Each feature-rich system has a full line of field interchangeable applications for labeling in almost any orientation. We have helped a wide variety of industry leaders — including Proctor & Gamble, Colgate, and Church & Dwight — leverage our integrated solutions to more efficiently label cases, pallets, and more.

Our experienced team members understand your unique supply chain process and can recommend a solution that will improve your efficiency while providing a great ROI. Paragon Labeling Systems prides itself on the high reliability and modularity that each machine provides, as well as the low ownership cost and strong return on investment.

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