Effective Retail Label Application Starts With a Paragon Labeling System

Commitment. Cost-effective. Quality.

Quality Label Application Machines for Medical and Pharmacy Applications

Healthcare companies are constantly trying to improve efficiencies without sacrificing quality or safety.

When it comes to labeling applications, you have to ensure you’re meeting regulatory requirements and tracking label design changes, which can quickly become complicated. The healthcare industry has unique requirements for safety, material and label size.

High-quality labeling, customized to your needs

Paragon Labeling Systems’ automatic labeling solutions have a flexible design that allow you to reconfigure your system as your needs evolve — without buying a whole new system. Our high performance labeling machines can be customized to briskly and accurately apply a broad assortment of crisp, preprinted labels to streamline labeling of medical devices, pharmacy bottles, medical equipment, and more.

The labeling systems’ adaptable design makes it simple to adhere to the healthcare industry’s specific requirements. The quick change tamp pads applicator, for example, reduces changeover time between label sizes, making it an excellent investment for medical device companies and others in the industry that require product-specific label sizes.   

Our team members understand your unique supply chain process and can recommend a solution that will improve your efficiency while providing a great ROI. Paragon Labeling Systems prides itself on the high reliability and modularity that each machine provides, as well as the low ownership cost and strong return on investment.

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