Effective Retail Label Application Starts With a Paragon Labeling System

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Create Cost-Effective Label Solutions for Food and Beverage Applications

Food and beverage companies deal with unique labeling requirements and a wide variety of packaging types. Finding a labeling solution that can adapt to these evolving needs can be a challenge. 

Efficient and easy-to-use labeling machines built for your needs

At Paragon Labeling Systems, our automatic labeling machines have a flexible design that allows you to reconfigure your system as your needs evolve, without needing to buy a whole new system. These solutions have more standard features than similar products on the market, giving you the price of a custom solution at a lower cost. Our feature-rich systems have a full line of field interchangeable applications for labeling in almost any orientation.  

Each labeling machine has a plate aluminum construction and fully enclosed chassis to keep out dirt and debris and is simple for operators to use. By providing faster and more accurate label application than manual methods, these solutions help food and beverage companies reduce labor costs and free up your employees’ time for more productive tasks. 

Custom labeling solutions at a standard price

We have labeling expertise for a wide variety of products in the food industry, including –produce, beverages, meat/poultry, processed foods, and central bakeries. Our print and apply labeling systems are designed to print crisp, clean labels used to deliver important information for a variety of products and packaging. 

Labels can be designed to convey:

  • SKU data
  • nutritional information
  • safe handling instructions
  • Country Of Origin Labeling (COOL)
  • lot codes, expiration dates
  • Track & Trace as
  • PTI compliance labels

Additionally, Paragon Labeling Systems offers industry- leading solutions for case, tote, and pallet labeling. Our robust integrated labeling solutions deliver an unparalleled value proposition with many standard features that are only options on other systems, providing an excellent return on investment.

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