3 Reasons We Use SATO Print Engines in Our Automatic Labeling Machines

SATO print engines are designed for high-volume, 24/7 printing for high-performance print and apply labelers.

At Paragon Labeling, we use SATO print engines because we know they can handle the varied demands of the different industries we serve, including manufacturing, food and beverage, and healthcare

We combine these print engines with our modular automatic labeling machines and field interchangeable applicator modules so users can label in almost any orientation faster and more efficiently. 

Here are some of our favorite features of SATO print engines:

1. Easy to use and maintain

SATO print engines are easy to operate and simple to maintain. Operators have convenient access to the backside of the print engine, and the replacement of key parts — the sensor cover, printhead, and roller — is straightforward. These features help reduce downtime and keep production moving smoothly.

2. Can handle the demands of the toughest print and apply jobs

SATO print engines have best-in-class speed and throughput to meet the demands of even the most challenging print jobs. This makes them well-suited for some of our clients’ most in-demand labeling applications, including pallet labeling, product nutritional information, logistic tracking, case/carton shipping, and more. 

3. Creates accurate, high-quality labels

These print engines can use NiceLabel design software, which allows users across industries to easily and quickly design barcode labels, even if they don’t have prior experience. An all-in-one printing form simplifies data entry and helps keep labels free of costly errors that can disrupt your supply chain. 

For those interested in RFID capabilities, the S84-ex print engine model can read, write, and verify RFID tags inside the printer and will mark the tag in the event of tag failure. This ensures your labels won’t have bad tags that interfere with processing, shipping, and tracking.

Of course, it’s not enough for the information on the label to be accurate; the label itself must also be high-quality. 

SATO print engines use the following print methods:

  • direct/thermal transfer
  • direct thermal only
  • ribbon saver (S84-ex model)

Our labeling experts prefer these methods because they are faster, less expensive, and create tougher labels that withstand harsh environments during shipping and extreme temperatures.

Sato and Paragon Labeling

At Paragon Labeling, we take pride in the reliability and modularity of our labeling machines and the strong return on investment they provide. We equip our products with print engines from top brands like Sato and Zebra to ensure our clients can easily use our automatic labeling machines to print faster and more efficiently. 

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