How High-Performance Automatic Labeling Machines Improve Efficiency

Labeling and processing products and packaging is a necessary but often costly and time-consuming process. Manual labeling is prone to human error, and smudged and poorly applied labels can create bottlenecks. Whether you’re a manufacturing plant labeling pallets or a beverage company applying labels to bottles, you want your labeling to be efficient, accurate, and fast. Fortunately, high performance automatic labeling machines can streamline the process and provide a stronger ROI than other labeling solutions.

What is an automatic labeling machine?

An automatic labeling machine is an integral part of most automated packaging solutions. There are different types of automatic labeling machines, which include both print and apply labelers and apply-only machines. Print and apply labelers print and then immediately apply the labels, while apply-only machines apply pre-printed labels. Both types of machinery can be configured for different labeling applications, including front and back product labeling, horizontal wrap, flat carton labeling, and more.

How does an automatic labeling machine work?

These labeling machines are typically maintained on the plant floor by workers who can specify configurations for labels and the information included on them. When something is sent down a manufacturing line, the product is automatically labeled. The speed of label application is dependent on many variables, such as desired label placement, product size/length, and the method of product handling.  

Using an automatic labeling machine is significantly faster than manual labeling, and can reduce human error significantly. The proper application of a crisp, clear label makes it easier for products or packaging to be scanned and processed, creating a more streamlined processing workflow. 

At Paragon Labeling, our print engines come from top brands like Zebra or Sato. A full line of field interchangeable application modules allows users to label in virtually any orientation. The ZE500, for example, is a reliable printer with a wide-open printhead for easy cleaning and repairs, resulting in dramatically reduced downtime. An all-metal construction and sealed front panel are built with harsh environments in mind, helping your machine resist debris and debris.

We carry a number of automatic labeling machines to help users meet standard labeling requirements and streamline their workflow. 

Paragon Labeling automatic labeling machines

PLS-100 for Preprinted Labels

The PLS-100 is the premier decorative labeling solution for applying pre-printed labels onto products, cartons, cases, totes or pallets. With more standard features than similar products in the market, the PLS-100 provides end-users with the benefits of a customized solution for the price of a standard solution.

The PLS-100 is well-suited for a variety of industries due to its compatibility with a number of applicator modules, including wipe (merge), tamp, dual panel tamp, corner wrap, smart-tamp, and more. This automatic labeling machine can be customized to meet the unique labeling requirements of the healthcare industry or food and beverage packaging, or to clearly identify and brand your products, whether you have a product on retail shelves or a pallet on the manufacturing floor. 

In addition to its selection of application methods, the PLS-100 also has additional features for ease of use, including a PLC controller and backlit operator interface.

PLS-400 Plus: Print and Apply Labels

The PLS-400 Plus both prints and applies labels onto products, cartons, cases, totes or pallets. With its plate aluminum chassis, PLC controller, and remote mount interface, this robust system delivers an unparalleled value proposition with many standard features that are only options on other systems. 

Users have the option to configure this machine for decorative labeling, print and apply, or RFID, making it suitable for a wide range of industries, from the colorful labels of consumer goods to the regulated and information-dense labels of healthcare and nutrition. Once the machine has been configured, operator selectable product delays ensure accurate label placement to help streamline the labeling process and reduce labor cost, while also providing a strong ROI.

PLS-500: Print & Apply Pre-Printed Labels and RFID Solutions

The PLS-500 is the ultimate label application solution, dedicated to maximizing organizations’ productivity with superior quality and integration. Compared to other automatic labeling machines on the market, the PLS-500 offers more standard features, higher performance, and better cost-effectiveness for an overall greater ROI. 

The PLS-500 can apply pre-printed labels, utilize print and apply labeling, or be configured as a RFID solution. These systems employ a modular and flexible design that allows you to reconfigure your labeling system as your needs evolve without needing to buy a whole new system. And with the ability to label in virtually any orientation, the PLS-500 can be used in manufacturing, retail, consumer goods, healthcare, food and beverage, and more. 

This automatic labeling machine is sturdily built with a plate aluminum chassis and easy-to-use Allen Bradley PLC controller with remote mount interface and color touchscreen.

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