PLS-400: Supply Chain Application & Solution

Commitment. Cost-effective. Quality.

At Paragon Labeling Systems, we are committed to providing our customers with effective and cost efficient solutions to fulfill their label application needs. Our PLS-400 family of products provides users with a high-quality and cost-effective labeling solution. This family of products is the ideal solution for labeling applications which require logic control and integration within an open architecture. Their flexible design makes this unit capable of fulfilling the unique requirements of any supply chain application. With more standard features than similar products in the market, the PLS-400 family of products provides end-users with the benefits of a customized solution for the price of a standard solution.

PLS 400 Benefits

  • Streamlines labeling processes
  • Barcode and/or RFID Capabilities
  • Reduces labor cost, while providing a high ROI
  • Modular Design can grow and adjust with your business
  • Back-lit Operator Interface
  • Plate Aluminum Design
  • Operator selectable product delays for accurate label placement
  • Peel-Tip label gap sensing

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The PLS 400 Product Family Data Sheets: