Corner Wrap

Paragon’s Corner Wrap applicator is the ideal labeling solution when a single label needs to be applied to adjacent panels. Corner Wrap label applications are a great for labeling outer cases and pallets. Whether you need leading panel and adjacent side panel labeling, or a side panel / trailing panel label, Paragon Labeling Systems has a solution to meet your needs. This highly accurate applicator is available on all Paragon models and operates as follows:

  • As your case or pallet travels on a conveyor, a product detect sensor “sees” the product
  • Once a product is detected, a label is dispensed to a 90 degree vacuum grid where it waits for the oncoming product to make contact
  • The product runs into the applicator, applying the label to the front edge
  • As the product continues to move, the applicator rolls around the corner, adhering the remaining label to side of the product
  • A secondary roller system rolls over the entire label, ensuring a complete application