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Dual Panel Label Application

Paragon’s Dual Action Tamp (DAT) module is designed to allow for greater flexibility in labeling your cases and pallets. It can be configured for a single side, single leading/trailing or both side and adjacent leading/trailing panel labeling. The DAT module accommodates a wide range of label sizes. This applicator module has both a swing tamp and a separate straight tamp actuator and is available on PLS 500 models and operates as follows:

  • The operator selects single side panel, single leading/trailing panel, or two panel operation.
  • A label is dispensed onto the applicator pad
  • The product is detected.
  • If selected, the leading panel actuator engages, causing the pad to move into the path of the moving product.
  • The pad presses the entire label against the product.
  • The actuator retracts allowing the product to continue past the applicator.
  • The second label is dispensed onto the pad.
  • As the product moves past, the side tamp actuator (if selected) is engaged causing the tamp application module to move forward to apply to the side of the product.
  • The “Smart Tamp” logic detects when the side application is made forcing the actuator to the home position, and keeping your product safe from damage.

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