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Swing Tamp Applicator

Paragon’s Swing Tamp Applicator Module allows you to label the front, side, or both the front and side panel simultaneously. The Swing Tamp applicator is an adjacent edge labeling solution which accommodates a wide range of label sizes typically seen when labeling cases and pallets. This applicator is available on all Paragon Models and operates as follows:

  • A label is dispensed onto a vacuum grid hinged into the mounting bracket
  • The product is detected.
  • The air cylinder engages, causing the pad to move forward at the opposite end of hinge point, into the path of the moving product.
  • The pad presses the entire label against the product.
  • The air cylinder retracts allowing the product to continue past applicator head.
  • A duplicate label is dispensed onto the pad.
  • As the product moves past a second product sensor, this label is applied to the side of the product

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