Company History

Paragon Labeling Systems, originally known as Marprint Inc, was founded 1974 to provide end users with labeling solutions. Our products had a strong reputation for high quality and consistent engineering for customer-centric products.

In 1995, Marprint was engaged by a global client in the food industry to reinvent and create a new print and apply machine. Our team took the similar approach of not being encumbered by previous designs and techniques. The team was able to start by simply listening to customer requests and ideas, and then designing a solution that could fit those ideals.

The result was a highly modular system that was able to use any OEM print engine and could be retrofitted to a wide array of application modules. Since the systems were designed to scale to large quantity manufacturing, they were able to significantly reduce the cost of the systems for their clients.

In 1996, Marprint was acquired by Lowry Computer Products and rebranded as Paragon Labeling Systems. Paragon is defined as “the model of excellence or perfection of a kind; one having no equal”. Lowry felt as though the word Paragon accurately described both Lowry and Marprint and would allow the two companies to build a legacy of excellence together.

Since 1997, the Paragon brand is “continuing the legacy” by utilizing our experience implementing labeling solutions which are modular and flexible to specific customers, industry, and compliance needs. We are committed to engineering and manufacturing high quality products that are user friendly and easy to set up and maintain. Our products are feature-rich to enhance and streamline end users’ processes. Each product has a clear upgradable path that can be implemented as the end users’ business grows and changes. Offering what we believe are the best-in-class automated labeling solutions, we are poised to lead the next revolution in automated labeling systems.